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Kevin Shapiro, Boy Orphan

boy orphan
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This community is for Wild Dada Ducks/Duckettes and fans of Daniel Pinkwater or Dadaist art in general. *Only* Kevin Shapiro stories will be acceptable posts; I, as supreme leader, will delete anything unrelated. Comments, however, are free for conversation.

"...The sad story of Kevin the messed-up thirteen-year-old is one of the pastimes of the Wild Dada Ducks. It is a story entitled, Kevin Shapiro, Boy Orphan. The Wild Dada Ducks tell this story to one another. Each Wild Dada Duck makes up as much of the story as he likes, and the story is always changing. Sometimes Kevin is an orphan, sometimes a juvenile delinquent, a druggie, a lonely child of feuding parents, a social misfit, a homosexual, a weakling who wants to play sports, and any number of other kinds of hard-luck characters.

Kevin Shapiro, Boy Orphan is different from the novels in the Himmler High School library in that he never solves his problems. Instead, we usually kill him from time to time. Kevin is indestructible. You can kill him as often as you like. He can be brought back to life in the next chapter, which usually gets told the following day during lunch."

The Wild Dada Duck Manifesto
    On this, the natal day of Marcel Duchamp (the first Tuesday of every month at 4:00 PM), the Board of Medical Advisors of the Empire of Japan declares that the institution formerly known as Margaret Himmler High School will henceforth become the Municipal Vacuum Cleaner. Teachers will report for re-processing as diesel railroad locomotives, and students will adopt the appearance and function of electro-computerized kitchen appliances. Those who choose not to comply with the ruling of the Imperial Medical Board will be required to present a paper cup not filled with cherry pits or gravel at the office of the ex-administrator of unexpected nasal events. All others will be required to present paper cups not filled with cherry pits or gravel at the nose of the official administrator of ex-events. By this simple measure, world peace, brotherhood, and unlimited happiness has been secured for all mechano-humanoids.
    Fellow machines! Dis-unite! This call to arms, torso, and feet will not be repeated except by request.