noxitoxi (noxitoxi) wrote in kevinshapiro,

chapter 752

At first glance Kevin Shapiro looked like any other student at Gavin Gunhold High. He showed up for class more often that not, had his own little click of superficial friends and took part in school sponsored activities. But Kevin had a secret, a dirty little secret that was soon to be the death of him. See after Kevin’s Father died and his mother got sent to prison for embezzling funds, Kevin’s sister, Isabel took up heroine to dull the pain. Heroine is a harsh mistress and Isabel hardly had enough money to pay the rent on their crappy little apartment in the bad part of Washington DC. Kevin had been forced to get a job to support his sister’s drug habit. After all, Izzy needed the drugs, the drugs made everything okay again.
So Kevin got a job. There weren’t many places that would hire a sixteen year old without any discernable skills, but using the connections he got from his sister’s dealer, he got a job as a call boy. It was alright at first, he didn’t even have to sleep with anyone at first. They paid him just to look pretty and do mundane things. But then the drugs Izzy needed got more and more expensive. Kevin had to start “working harder.”
Soon he meet a certain politically well placed male customer who took a liking to Kevin. He asked for Kevin all the time and soon Kevin was seeing him every night. Kevin grew very close to this customer and started to have feelings for him. Kevin would spend class time day dreaming about running away with him and leaving the slums. They’d be so happy together, Kevin just knew it. That night as Kevin lay in his arms, basking in the afterglow, Kevin’s lover told him how he was running for re-election soon. He’ll be on the campaign trail and out of the city. Kevin, worried, asked if he’d see him again, after he was re-elect. The congress man looked sad, “no Kevin, I’m afraid I can never see you again, think of what the public would say if they knew I’d been sleeping with a young male prostitute. I’d never win my re-election campaign.” Kevin cried and cried. Since it was their last night together, he told Kevin he could stay till morning. After Kevin had fallen asleep, the congress man reached into the bed side table and retrieved a syringe full of a lethal dose of heroine. After shooting Kevin up, he left, secure in the knowledge that no one would know his shameful secret.
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