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chapter 36,826 "Nothing Ever Changes"

Kevin Shapiro was depressed. It seems like he was always depressed. He'd been kicked out of school for smoking the the parking lot. He's parents, well, father and step-mother, kicked him out for getting kicked out of school. His little sister has just cried when she'd heard about the smoking. “but you promised me you'd quit” she said. Kevin didn't have a good answer to that. He's meant to quit, he really had. Anyway it's not like getting kicked out of school really mattered. He was going to drop out sooner or later. His grades weren't that hot and he wasn't really learning anything useful.
Now that he was on his own, living on the street he didn't really know what to do. He should have been cold and hungry, he hadn't eaten anything in a couple of days and it was snowing. But Kevin Didn't feel anything. He was just kind of numb as he sat there on the street corner watching cars and people go by.
When was first kicked out on to the streets by his parents he'd planed to die in some horribly theatric way, then they'd be sorry. They'd all be sorry. But in the couple of weeks he's been living on the streets it all ceased to matter. His parent's betrayal, his sister's despair, his shattered hopes for the future, he began to realize how meaningless it all was. As Kevin sat there, numb and removed form the life around him it all began to make sense. The pain, the isolation if he just thought about it for a little while longer, it might all fall in to place. Right before his thoughts had a chance to solidify a hand reached out to him, shaking him from his thoughts.
“Kevin? It's me Dad. I'm so glad we found you. We want you to come home. We spoke to your principal and they're willing to let you come back. Everything can be just like it used to be.”
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