noxitoxi (noxitoxi) wrote in kevinshapiro,

chapter 796,375

Kevin Shapiro, boy orphan was feed up. He was tired of the looks of hate the passers by gave him. He was sick of being spit on when ever he walked down the street. The whole town knew his dirty secret. He could never escape, never lead a normal life.
Kevin Shapiro only had one option. Kevin returned to the scene of his shame, the children's petting zoo. It was late at night. He was all alone, save for the animals who slept around him. He looked up at the stars hiding behind the clouds knowing that this was it, no one could stop him now. As the moon came out from behind the clouds the change took over him. He could feel the his body changing, his bones breaking and reforming themselves. Fur started growing all over his body. Then as suddenly as it the change had started, it stopped.
Standing in the middle of the petting zoo, bathed in the moonlight stood Kevin Shapiro, boy Opossum with a death wish. Sensing a disturbance in the force, the lone predator in the petting zoo emerged from it's den. The large wolf scanned the enclosure and spotted Kevin. With a single leap it pounced on Kevin snapping his neck in half. In a few minutes the wolf was done with his midnight snack and returned to his den.
The next day the town would wonder what had happened to Kevin Shapiro, the most hated boy orphan in town, but soon they would forget and life would continue.
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