Rachelle (kitchen_pass) wrote in kevinshapiro,

Kevin Shapiro, Boy Orphan Chapter Two Thousand, Nine Hundred, Sixty-Two

Kevin Shapiro shuffled along the sidewalk with his chin on his chest and his hands in his pockets. He had really wanted it to work out this time. His foster mother, Mrs. Nettelnocker, let him stay up every friday night to watch the Late Show, and the twins, well, they could never have replaced Isobel, but they were nice in a dribbly, wobble-kneed way.

He hadn't stuck around to see what happened last night. He didn't like being back out on the street, but anything was better than another stint at juvie. He'd gotten a lot better at picking pockets since the last time they picked him up, and maybe Isobel could help him find a place to stay the night.

Heading over to see if his sister was still working the same corners, he took a took a left on Lomax Drive and sniffed back a tear.

He hoped the Nettelnockers were okay. He had worked so hard with his therapist to control his pyric compulsions. All it took was just one little slip, he thought, just one little strike of the match.
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