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Kevin Shapiro, Boy Orphan, and the Leviathan of the Deep

Kevin Shapiro, boy orphan, stood on the deck of the Queen Alexandria and looked out to the vast sea before him. This week was his tenth aboard the merchant whaling ship and he was actually starting to enjoy the seafaring life. The older, more experienced men had given him a hard time at first; in fact, he had lost his left ring finger and suffered numerous abrasions on his face and torso the second day aboard, when some of the sailors thought it would be amusing to strike at him with the thick deck ropes. But after Hobbs, the first mate, had been devoured whole by a school of rogue sea bass, they lost interest in making his life hell.

Kevin Shapiro was looking at the reflection of the full moon on the ocean's surface, feeling somewhat content with his lot in life. He missed his mother, to be sure, but he believed that she was happier walking the streets for money than she had ever been with his alcoholic father. He enjoyed this time of night, when he could gaze out on the water and collect his thoughts. This whaling life ain't so bad, he thought to himself, a fellow could do a lot worse than good meals and fresh sea air. He was resting his head on his arms when suddenly he saw something rising from the water.

From the first glimpse of the mammoth backside, Kevin knew that the monolithic thing before him was none other than Bloody Mary, the infamous red whale who, in her lifetime, had sent 643 innocent whalers to their horrific deaths. Kevin was so shocked and frightened that found himself bolted to the spot and could barely tear himself away from the deck when Bloody Mary opened her gargantuan jaws and began to devour the Queen Alexandria. Within ten minutes the blood-red whale had consumed half the ship’s body and all but a dozen of its crew.

Finally, Bloody Mary submerged herself and it looked as though her fury had been quieted for the time being. Kevin thanked God that he had been spared, but wondered how long he could last in the open sea before another ship happened to come by this spot. He didn’t have long to think, however, because before he could realize what was happening, he discovered that Bloody Mary was rising to the surface once more and that he was right in the path of her colossal open mouth.

Kevin Shapiro, boy orphan, let himself fall into the beast’s belly and hoped that his eventual death in Bloody Mary’s bowels would not be too protracted.
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