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Kevin Shapiro and the Mysterious Siren

Kevin Shapiro, boy orphan, woke up with a strange buzzing in his head. He opens his eyes and looked down at the scene of decadence that lay before him. On the floor he saw empty bottles, drug paraphernalia, half naked people of both genders, a banana peel and a small puddle of vomit. Slowly, as he stood up and made his way to the bathroom, memories of the previous night came flooding back to him. It seemed that every room he entered triggered an image in his mind. Some were funny, others bizarre and unexplainable. Kevin rubbed his pounding forehead and noticed for the first time that he was completely nude.

When he reached the bathroom, he put up the toilet lid and urinated. When his hand moved down to flush, he heard a voice speak to him. He looked toward the bath tub and saw a pale, beautiful girl lying back in the water, naked. Her hair was reddish brown and was cut so that it barely brushed the tops of her shoulders. She was attractive in a delicate, fey sort of way. "Kevin," she said. "Kevin, I've wanted you." Her soft hand slowly reached forward and took hold of his thigh. Kevin did not remember seeing her at the party the night before, or ever before, for that matter, but he didn't make any attempt to resist her advances. He laid himself on top of her and pressed his hard member against the supple, young flesh of her stomach before bringing it down into her. He brought his lips to her breast and suckled like a child. He was trembling. She kept saying his name, "Kevin, Kevin Shapiro" and it gave him goose bumps. They went at it for fifteen minutes before he pulled it out and orgasmed all over her breasts.

He was so lost in the throes of passion that he never saw the girl reach behind her and bring up a meat cleaver from the soap holder on the wall. He only felt the cold touch of metal on his crotch, immediately followed by the sharp, sudden, blinding pain of his penis being sawed into. He cried out at the top of his lungs and the girl, as if in response, scooped up a handful of his ejaculate from her chest and flung it into his eyes. The semen stung but he did not notice at all. A few seconds he felt his cock come loose and heard the short plop when it fell into the water in the tub. He looked down at the steady stream of blood coming from between his legs and was in shock. The girl stood up and started stepping out of the tub, leaving her cleaver behind her. Kevin saw his chance and grabbed the meat cleaver. He leapt forward, ignoring the biting pain in his groin as best he could, and brought the cleaver down in the middle of the girl's head. It stuck and she fell forward, dead.

Kevin stood in the doorway of the bathroom, inhaling deeply and staining the carpet with his crotch blood. "Well, damn it," he said, "I woke up hung over and now I'm castrated with a dead bitch in my bathroom." He put some toilet paper over his wound and went back to the tub to pick up his missing organ and take it to the hospital.
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